Parking lot requirements;
SECTION 7. Section 9.11(6)(b) of Title 17 of the Municipal Code of Chicago is hereby

(i) Side/Rear Lot Line Screening. All vehicular use areas larger than 1,200 square feet
situated on a lot with side or rear lot lines contiguous to any property within a
residence district or which is improved with a hospital, rest or nursing home, church,
community center, school, college or similar institutional use, shall be effectively
screened along such side or rear lot Lines by a wall,
fence or hedge of not less than five nor more than seven feet in height.
Any fence shall be masonry or wood, it shall be planted with vines and under no
circumstances shall chain-link fencing be permitted.

(ii) (a) Front Yard Required. Where a front yard is required by this ordinance (thereby
prohibiting the location of parking areas within said yard), all permitted vehicular use
areas which contain 1,200 square feet or more shall be screened from the street as
provided in this subsection. The view of such vehicular use areas from all contiguous
streets shall be visually screened either by permitted buildings (other than
fences or walls) or by a hedge, not less than two and one-half feet
nor more than
four feet in height, or by any combination of both; provided, however, that such
screening requirement shall not prohibit the installation or provision for openings
reasonably necessary for access drives and walkways. Such screening shall be
located between the perimeter of the vehicular use area and the front lot line. The
remainder of the required front yard shall be landscaped. The landscaping within this
front yard shall include trees planted at the rate of one tree for every 25 feet of frontage.
Not withstanding the other provisions of this ordinance, the front or rear
bumper overhang of vehicles parked within the vehicular use area may encroach upon the
required front yard up to a maximum distance of [one and one-half] two feet.
Said [one and one-half] two feet may be included in the computation of the required
depth of each abutting parking space.

(c) Fencing Required. An ornamental fence shall be required to be installed along the
perimeter of vehicular use areas along those lot lines adjacent to public streets (but not
alleys) and the front yard of residential districts. The required fencing fronting a public
street shall be installed behind the landscaped yard area and a minimum of five feet
from the front property line. The required fences shall be limited to a height of no
more than five feet above grade unless the Zoning Administrator determines that
the fence is necessary for security purposes in which case the fence shall be a
maximum of six feet in height.

Any preexisting vehicular use areas shall be required to have ornamental fencing
installed behind any existing hedges or at the property line based on the following

  • Vehicular use areas within the Central Area (an area bounded by North Avenue;
    Lake Michigan; Cennak Road; and Ashland Avenue) by January 1, 2002
  • Vehicular use areas outside of the Central Area with more than 30, 000 square
    feet by January 1, 2004.
  • Vehicular use areas outside of the Central Area with more than 1,200 square
    feet but less than 30, 000 square feet by January 1, 2006